What we do

Battery Bank Africa enables mini-grid operators to deliver more productive and affordable clean energy to communities.

The why

Mini-grids are critical for Africa’s energy future, representing the least-cost electrification solution for 300 million people.

According to the World Bank, clean power mini-grids are the least-cost electrification solution for 300 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the high upfront CAPEX of mini-grid systems, uncertain customer demand, and restrictive financial ecosystem significantly impede sector growth and sustainability.

Batteries are a significant contributor to this challenge, accounting for up to 30% of a mini-grid’s cost (the single most expensive component) and needing regular replacement. Battery Bank Africa addresses this “battery barrier” and eases access and financing challenges for operators.

The How

Affordable, scalable advanced battery leasing


“Right-sized” scalable battery banks, when and where you need

Affordable lease-to-own model, with 5 year remote monitoring and performance management

Timely client assessment and decisions

A truck with batteries parked next to a solar array.

Battery Bank Africa

Battery bank design, finance, and procurement are time consuming and expensive. With Battery Bank Africa’s software-enabled, scalable battery leasing we streamline battery system design, sourcing & finance terms, credit assessment, and legal agreements through proprietary automation software – simplifying / reducing the cost of battery procurement to enable low-overhead leasing. Our service empowers mini-grid developers to build right-sized systems that scale over time in response to growing demand.


70% of batteries in mini-grids in sub-Saharan Africa are lead-acid. They have short lifespans, carry limited loads and cannot be scaled. Advanced batteries such as LFP are better suited for the mini-grid sector but access to them is hindered by price and supply. Battery Bank Africa is changing this, engaging manufacturers and vendors to increase access and reduce operator costs.

Technicians install batteries on a mini-grid site.


Battery Bank Africa’s scalable battery leasing with expandable storage products enable a Virtuous Cycle supporting “right-sized” affordable battery banks, lower cost-reflective tariffs, higher energy use, greater community impact.

BBA provides right-sized, expandable battery storage to meet communities immediate expected demand

Matching battery capacity to present demand enables system efficiencies that lower cost-reflective tariffs

MG field trials demonstrate that lower cost = proportional increase in community energy use (CrossBoundary)

Increased affordability enables high power, productive use appliances such as e-cooking and mills (MECS, A2EI)

Substantial energy impact motivates community adoption growth, provides revenue growth to MG operator

BBA provides battery lease expansion, up-sizing storage capacity for increased energy demand

SDGs relevant to mini-grid impacts

These impacts are far reaching and include increased entrepreneurship, gender equity, health and education services. Battery Bank Africa is a key element in the mini-grid ecosystem ensuring that the full promise of clean electrification can be realized by communities across the continent.

SOURCE: BloombergNEF, UN
NOTE: Impacts under the SDG logos are examples.

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